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    Bitlis has a unique tradition of handcrafts, particularly woodworking. The best examples of woodworking, Adilcevaz canes and Ahlat canes are products with a geographical indication mark, and are made from local walnut trees, engraved and ornamented with a craftsmanship passed down through generations. Bearing Seljuk and Ottoman motifs, each of the canes takes about two years of patience to make.

    Hot Springs of Budaklı (Budaklı Kaplıcası) and Nemrut Volcano (Nemrut Yanardağı), and Yılan Dirilten Mineral Spring Water (Yılan Dirilten Maden Suyu) are the principal healing waters of the province that lies on a tectonic and volcanic area.

    Originating from Nemrut Crater Lake, Budaklı Hot Springs are 7 km from the centre of Güroymak. The cattle bathing in the hot spring waters with 40°C temperature make an interesting scene.

    Yılan Dirilten Mineral Water Spring is on the Mutki road in the central district of Bitlis. Also used in bathing practices, the mineral water relieves indigestion.