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    Gümüşkanat Waterfall

    It is located in the Mutki district, pours down from a height of 58 metres, making a fascinating scene. 

    Bitlis is a peaceful city with its natural and social life, where you can always hear soothing sounds. In addition to a wonder of nature like Gümüşkanat Waterfall (Gümüşkanat Şelalesi), you can listen to dengbejs (traditional singing storytellers) and attend Arifane (spiritual wisdom) nights. Bitlis’te Beş Minare (Five Minarets in Bitlis) is the most popular folk song of Bitlis, which is all the more meaningful with the story behind the song. 

    Five Minarets in Bitlis

    Captured by the Russians in the World War I, Bitlis fell into ruins during Russian invasion. A father and his son, who fled from Bitlis during the war, set out to return to their hometown when the enemy surrendered. They reach the feet of Mount Dideban, a commanding height of the town. The father sends his son to the town to see if there are any survivors. The son returns after some time and tells his father that there is no sign of life, only five minarets remain. 


    Dengbej singing is a part of the cultural heritage that incorporates the elements of storytelling, religion, poetry and music. "Deng" means voice, and "bej" means teller in Kurdish. Dengbejs are storytellers of oral tradition who tell stories of significant events in history, and address religious and moral matters.

    Arafane Night 

    Arafane (spiritual wisdom) night is a kind of entertainment event which involves people coming together to chat and listen to music. Organized particularly at long and cold nights of winter, these events offer good opportunity of socializing and solidarity.