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  • 10 vibes for Bitlis

    like locals

    Nemrut Volcano and Nemrut Crater Lake are awe-inspiring wonders of nature. Grab your skis and head off to Nemrut Ski Resort, has one of the longest ski-runs in Türkiye.

    Ahlat Tombstones are historical artifacts registered in the Tentative UNESCO World Heritage List. The impressive tombstones cover an area of 210 acres.

    One should never miss Mount Süphan rising in the north of Lake Van. Mountaineering enthusiasts may enjoy mountain climbing and camping activities with unique beauties for every season.

    Most of the Lake Van is located within the borders of Bitlis, and the lake's shores are natural beaches. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun of Lake Van which cures various skin diseases with its soda water.

    One of Türkiye's highest waterfalls, the Gümüşkanat Waterfall has an alluring scenery.

    Buying canes with merchandise marks from Adilcevaz and Ahlat will make your journey memorable.

    Bitlis Castle, İhlasiye Madrasa, Şerefiye Mosque, and tombs located in the city centre, offer a combination of history and culture.

    You can never have enough of watching the harmony of history and nature from the Şerifbey Hill.

    Make sure that you taste Bitlis’ specialties: Karakovan honey, tulum cheese and büryan kebab.