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    Bitlis has a unique nature. There are two volcanoes within the borders of the province. Nemrut Volcano (Nemrut Yanardağı) and Mount Süphan (Süphan Dağı). The world’s second largest crater lake, Lake Nemrut (Nemrut Gölü), is located on the Nemrut Volcano. Mount Süphan, on the other hand, has Sodalı Lake (Sodalı Gölü) and a bird reserve. 

    Nemrut Volcano and Lake Nemrut

    The lake in a dragon's mouth, Lake Nemrut (Nemrut Gölü) is a 13-km2 lake located at an altitude of 2250 m. It is the world's second largest crater lake. Nemrut Volcano (Nemrut Yanardağı), which was last active in 1440, and Lake Nemrut in its crater, are wonders of nature that have unique views in summer and in winter. There are 5 lakes of various sizes fed by rainwater in Nemrut Caldera that formed by eruptions and has a crater size of 48 km2. Surrounded by steep and high mountains, this lake allows visitors to do any water sport and water activity. The caldera also has hot water springs, fumeroles and ice caves. Nemrut Crater Lake, with its unique flora and fauna, is 35 km from the central district of Bitlis, 15 km from Tatvan, and 30 km from Ahlat.

    The Crater Lake of Nemrut was declared a European Destination of Excellence and received an EDEN award for water-related tourism in 2010.

    Mount Süphan

    Mount Süphan (Süphan Dağı) is a volcano with an elevation of 4058 metres, which makes it the third highest mountain in Türkiye. Located in the south of Lake Van, Mount Süphan is a popular destination among mountain climbing and camping enthusiasts.

    Bird Reserves

    There are three large bird reserves at the feet of Mount Süphan, around Lake Van. They are all registered, uniquely beautiful, and famous for their endemic species of flowers and birds: Lake Erçek in Van, Çelebibağı in Erciş and Lake Arin in Adilcevaz.

    The basin of Lake Van constitutes about a fifth of all wetlands in Türkiye. The basin is home to 213 identified species of birds. Lake Arin (Sodalı) is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Süphan. Located right next to Lake Van, Lake Arin looks as if it was a part of Lake Van but it is not.